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What to Expect

When you step into our office, you will feel warmly welcomed by our professional, friendly staff. We are ready to help you and make you feel like a part of our practice family. In fact, our patients often refer their family and friends to us, so you might run into some people you know in our waiting room!

Your First Visit

Holly, Cheri or Carly at the front desk are ready to greet you when you walk in. They will get you set up with your paperwork, or you can download the necessary forms and bring them in completed. The information from this thorough questionnaire and health history form is used to get to know you and make recommendations for your care.

Your spine will be scanned using a non-invasive infrared thermal scan and your weight distribution will be tested. Your chiropractor will discuss your health history and perform a series of tests to determine if your problem is a chiropractic case.

During this examination, we will let you know what we find or notice so that you can recognize the same things. If necessary, spinal imaging will be ordered to visualize your problems. Your first adjustment is done on the next visit, so we have time to determine the exact treatment that is right for you. We will thoroughly review all our notes and gather our findings to go over them with you when you return.

Your Second Visit

We suggest that your spouse or partner join you on this visit, so they get a chance to see your findings, too. Your visit starts with watching a short video that explains how your spine works. You and your partner have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have so that you both feel involved in your healing process. Your chiropractor will review the best care plan for your recovery. We will go over any X-rays that were taken and compare them with spinal models. You will receive your first chiropractic adjustment on this visit.

Each of our new patients receives a folder summarizing all of our findings so that you have your own copy of what we review on this visit.

Regular Visits

After your first two appointments, your future visits will be much shorter. We have gathered all the information we need to determine how best to adjust you. Each visit builds on the one before it, so it is important that you stick with your care plan.

Choosing to Continue Care

Once you have completed the corrective care stage of treatment, we will give you options. You can choose maintenance care to continue your spinal health and see us one or two times per month. Alternatively, you can choose to stop care once your health goals are achieved, returning in the future if you experience problems.

Many of our patients choose maintenance care because they want to continue doing the things they used to do and still have stresses in their life that can cause problems. They know a regular maintenance visit will prevent their problems from returning, so their health never goes back to
how it was when they first met us.

Community Talks

We hold educational workshops for organizations in our community. Companies have invited us to speak during Lunch and Learn events at their office. We have spoken to church groups, nonprofit organizations and area weight loss groups about developing healthy habits, how the spine works and to give tips on lifting and sitting. We enjoy these talks and look forward to doing more in the future. Let us know if your work or social group needs a speaker, and we would be happy to accommodate your request!

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