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Meet Monique Guilderson

Monique Guilderson

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I was born in Gander Newfoundland. Raised in a military family, I had the amazing opportunity to travel and literally see the world. I met my husband (Dr) Glenn while studying chemistry at Dalhousie University. We happened to be lab partners in one of my chemistry classes and have been together ever since. After Dalhousie we both ended up in Toronto with Glenn training as a chiropractor while I completed a Masters degree from the faculty of medicine at the University of Toronto. We are now happily settled near Sackville and have two amazing and busy boys Max and Leo.

A Lifetime Student!

Several years ago I began thinking about a career change. I saw how Glenn was able to help people in his profession as a chiropractor and wanted to do something similar. It was Glenn who suggested looking into osteopathy as a profession. From my education and work in the medical field over the last decade, I had a strong knowledge of anatomy and clinical medicine so I was allowed to start the program right away. Although I had already completed three degrees with 7 years of university education, I decided to go back to school for 6 more years to become an osteopath!

Osteopathy Gave Me Life

I’ll admit that before I entered the program, I didn’t quite realize what I was getting myself into or the impact it would have on my life both professionally as well as personally. It has been however, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

When Glenn and I had our first son Max we knew that we wanted him to have a brother or sister. But after a few years of trying, we began to give up hope and accept the fact that Max was going to be an only child. At the same time I was learning about osteopathy and how we can help people feel and function better. I realized that I needed to have osteopathy treatment.

I didn’t just feel a little better – I felt a lot better! Better than I had felt in years. I didn’t go to my osteopath for fertility treatment but to my shock and surprise however, I was pregnant, naturally, just a few months later!

I continued to see the osteopath for treatment and found that I had a better pregnancy and a faster recovery after delivery. I also brought the baby in for treatment as soon as possible. Along with regular chiropractic care, both my boys see an osteopath for regular check ups.

I’m very grateful to my husband for starting me down this path and being supportive through my years of study to become an osteopath. I look forward to many years of helping people move, feel and function better.


What is Osteopathy?

I’m often asked, “What is osteopathy?” Even working as one, it can be hard to explain. The treatments are different for everyone depending on your history and current health situation. It is complementary to all of your other health and medical care including chiropractic, massage and acupuncture. An osteopathic treatment is unique, tailored to your body’s needs.

Everything in your body is moving. Even as you sit and read this, you are breathing air in and out of your lungs, causing expansion and retraction of your diaphragm, your heart is beating causing blood to flow. All the daily processes of living are happening all the time, even if you are not aware of it. Your body needs to move in order for it to function properly.

Years of training allow an osteopath to develop their palpation skills to be able to feel what is going on in a person’s body at three different levels. We feel for the biomechanical movement (range of motion of joints) in the body, the motility (quality) of movement of body structures and the vitality (expansion, retraction – the health) of tissues of the body. Once a problem is identified, a variety of gentle techniques are used to get everything moving again.

The body always strives towards optimal health. Only when everything is moving well however, can a person achieve this. If you haven’t tried it, I would encourage you to see if osteopathy can help you move, function and feel your best.

Thank you for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and hope to help you become an even better you! Call our Lower Sackville office and schedule an appointment today!

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