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Pregnancy & Pediatric Chiropractic in Lower Sackville

pregnant mom and child smilingDuring pregnancy, there are many changes that occur to the body as the baby develops, including postural changes, which result in increased lumbar lordosis (the curve of the lower back) and pelvic adaptations. These changes can often be uncomfortable and lead to pain.

Comprehensive chiropractic adjustments can be beneficial toward improving your joint mobility and decreasing muscle tension during this wondrous moment in your life.

Our staff has seen firsthand the benefits of chiropractic care during their own pregnancies. Dr. Lindsay Barker says it helped with her pain and discomfort while also keeping her moving longer and allowing her to enjoy her experience as a mom-to-be more.


The Benefit of Adjustments

Chiropractic care is natural, holistic health care suitable for moms-to-be and babies, toddlers, school-aged children, and teens. As your child develops, adjustments can help them as their body’s bones and muscles grow and change.

Various tools and adjustment styles are used here at Back To Health Chiropractic, meeting your child at their stage of development. For infants, precise pressure with fingertips is utilized and is effective—though it’s no more pressure than if you were checking a tomato’s ripeness. For older children, light adjustments using tools like the Activator are used. This adjusting instrument provides a precise impulse into a joint to help improve mobility.

Children are growing up in a digital era where everything is in front of them, causing increased pressure on their spines at a much younger age. Dr. Barker and her team recommend parents bring their children in for an assessment, so a plan can be developed to fit their child’s needs best.

pregnant mom with kid

You can see a chiropractor at any point during your pregnancy. Whether you are in your first trimester or you’re headed toward the final stages and getting ready to welcome your baby, adjustments can be helpful in creating a better experience for moms-to-be.

As the pregnancy progresses, women can feel more uncomfortable, and increasing visits during the third trimester can help with the growing symptoms. With your changes through pregnancy, our chiropractic team, led by Dr. Barker, has several methods and techniques they can use, like pregnancy pillows, that will meet you at your comfort level.

During the initial visit, we will discuss your overall past and present health, the pregnancy journey thus far, and any other relevant concerns. A physical exam, including a full orthopedic exam, will be performed to assess range of motion and identify any joint restrictions or tight muscles you might be experiencing.

After the exam, we will review all the findings and determine whether you are a good candidate for care. Adjusting techniques and the treatment plan will be discussed to ensure you are comfortable with the plan before beginning.

Chiropractic for the Entire Family

Working with families has always been a passion of Dr. Barker, and she and her team love helping each member of the family achieve their health goals. Just like we maintain our teeth by going to the dentist and the car we drive by visiting the mechanic, the same care should be given to our spine starting at a young age.

Schedule a visit with Dr. Barker and her team today to learn how they can help you enjoy optimal spine health!



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