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Meet the Massage Team at Back To Health Chiropractic

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Amy Easton, RMT

After two years at Memorial University, I found myself lost in courses I was not enjoying. After a close friend (who had been the recipient of many of my massages) suggested I do massage therapy, I decided to pack up, and moved here to pursue my calling.

Since graduating from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in June 2010, I have found working with people on a number of different conditions extremely rewarding. I strive to help everyone I can, and in doing so, I have taken and will continue to take, additional courses to improve my knowledge and skills on massage techniques and the many different treatable conditions. I want only to give my clients the most beneficial care possible.

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Thus far, in addition to my massage diploma, I have received a certificate from CCMH for accomplishing 50 hours of pregnancy outreach clinic. I have received a certificate in doula/labor support provider, along with a cupping certificate.

I not only plan on providing my clients with the treatment they need but also the education they need to better understand. Knowledge is the key to any healthy lifestyle!

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Tracy Desmond, RMT

Hello, I’m Tracy, a passionate massage therapist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My journey into the world of massage began at Eastern College, where I earned an honors diploma in massage in 2017. Since then, my unwavering commitment to helping people has driven me to excel in addressing a wide range of concerns, including stress-related issues, injuries, and acute and chronic pain.

My toolbox of techniques is diverse, spanning from deep tissue therapy to relaxation methods. What truly ignites my joy is witnessing a client leave my massage table feeling significantly better than when they first walked in.

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I’m dedicated to continual growth and learning, regularly undertaking additional courses to enhance my skills. My repertoire includes acupressure therapy, fascial release therapy, deep tissue massage, pre-and postnatal massage, Indian scalp massage, cupping therapy, and massage for those dealing with PTSD/trauma.

My approach to massage is holistic; I seek out imbalances and tension within your body’s tissues that might be contributing to your pain, addressing not just the symptoms but the root causes. By blending the soothing qualities of Swedish massage with the therapeutic benefits of deep tissue work, I craft a unique and personalized treatment tailored specifically to your healing journey.

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