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Best Thing Ever

Best thing I ever did for my self! I learned so much about how back health equates to overall health. Dr. Guilderson has worked miracles! Plus, the assistants out front are so professional and friendly! I’ll never understand how they manage to remember everyone and greet them by name as they come through the door!

Lisa P.

Improved Comfort and mobility

I learned a great deal about Chiropractic care while accompanying my elderly Mother for her treatments with Dr Guilderson, but have recently come to appreciate the benefits of his wisdom, patience, encouraging manner and chiropractic skills myself. After his consult and assessment of chronic issues with my spine, I began a series of planned spinal adjustments, with very positive results starting immediately after the first visit.

(improved comfort and mobility, and a sense of well-being) I look forward to having optimum spinal health and therefore better overall health as I continue with Dr Guilderson’s guidance and care plan. Not to be forgotten are his friendly, efficient and professional staff. Thank you all.

Jennifer Mintern

Reoccurring Back Problem

“I first came to Dr. Glenn four years ago with a reoccurring problem in my lower back and after going to my doctor, decided to “give a chiropractor a try”. After just five visits, a low-grade pain that I had in my hip for over six years was gone as well!! I’ve been a firm believer ever since.

Over the years, Glenn has always taken the time to not only “straighten me out” but also to teach me about why pain is occurring when and where it does. I have a much better understanding of my body and realize the importance of my monthly realignments to ensure a healthy back.

Thank you, Glenn!!!”

Judy S.

Chiropractic Worked

“Chiropractic worked for me when nothing else did and it may work for you”.

Dena R.

Thank you

“My children no longer say, can we do this today, or will it hurt your back, now we just go and be a family. Thanks to Dr.Glenn.”

Jenny T.

Those tales they are just tales!

I have been seeing Dr. Glenn for about a year and half now. I should’ve gone to him sooner, but you always hear the old tales about Chiropractors. During my Initial exam and evaluation Glenn and his staff explained everything fully and then asked me if I would like to proceed. I felt very comfortable in saying yes. I now go every 4 to 5 weeks for minor maintance and i feel so much better. My flexibility is great. I have played pretty well every sport going during my 58 years and it had taken it’s toll.

Thanks to Glenn and staff I am still playing without all the aches and pains. Oh ya those tales they are just tales, don’t listen to them.

Dwight H.

I Needed Back Surgery!

“In 1992 my doctors told me that I needed back surgery, I refused and suffered for 20 years!! Now after only 2 months of Chiropractic, I have a new neck and back! I can’t believe it.”

Gary B.
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