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Dr. Glenn Guilderson

Dr. Glenn Guilderson

Meet Dr. Glenn Guilderson

Listen to Your Mother!

In university in the 1990s I was working hard and studying hard. My chosen career path was in the health care field but I never thought it would be as a chiropractor. My mother changed everything for me because she told me to meet her chiropractor.

Just like some people reading my bio right now, I too didn’t think I needed a chiropractor. I didn’t actually know if anyone needed a chiropractor. Boy, was I wrong! For me, getting a regular “tune up” for my spine and nervous system is like finding the missing piece of the puzzle. When you exercise regularly, eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, take the right supplements, get enough rest but still don’t feel full of life and vitality then you may be like I was; with a spine that didn’t hurt, but with a nervous system that did not work as efficiently or effectively as it could. With a nervous system that was functioning at about 50% of its full capacity. Until I got my first adjustment I didn’t realize how healthy I truly could be. What a difference it has made for me!
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